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quarta-feira, 2 de novembro de 2005

In-store clinics 

By Jane Spencer, The Wall Street Journal

Getting your health care at Wal-Mart

Americans can increasingly get basic medical care in the same place they buy toothpaste and light bulbs.
In a development that has broad implications for the nation's primary-care system, a rising number of major pharmacy and retail chains -- including CVS Corp., Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Target Corp. -- are opening in-store health clinics. They offer patients fast access to routine medical services such as strep-throat tests, sports physicals and flu shots. The clinics, which typically charge between $25 and $60 per visit, don't require an appointment and are open during pharmacy hours including evenings and weekends. To keep costs down, they are staffed by nurse practitioners, who can legally treat patients and write prescriptions in most states. Neither company allows nurse practitioners to prescribe drugs for health situations that require continuing care such as antidepressants, birth control or heart medications. In one of the more-novel uses of technology employed by Take Care, a computer software program will be involved in actually diagnosing illnesses. The patient's sign-in information will be transmitted electronically to a computer terminal inside the treatment room, where the nurse can enter additional information about the patient's symptoms and conditions as he or she talks with the patient. The software system will eventually generate a diagnosis and a recommended course of treatment. If the nurse practitioner disagrees with a computer-generated diagnosis, he or she can opt to override the system. When a prescription is written, it will be transmitted electronically to the store pharmacy, or another pharmacy. The system will also create an electronic medical record for each patient that can be transferred to a primary-care physician.

The new clinics are aimed at everyone from harried parents dropping by with sick kids on the weekend, to busy professionals ducking in for a prescription during work hours. While the retailers don't profit directly from the new services, the hope is that the clinics will boost business if patients fill their prescription at the store pharmacy, or pick up other items on their way out.

The trend is drawing criticism from some doctors groups, who could lose business if patients turn to the clinics for basic care. Doctors also contend that patients could wind up with lower-quality care because the clinics don't have physicians on-site, work with a network of local physicians who are available by phone.

Some insurers are actively encouraging patients to use the clinics by lowering the co-pay.

health care in America
O Conselho Regional do Norte da Ordem dos Médicos congratulou-se com o fim do monopólio das farmácias na venda de medicamentos não sujeitos a receita médica.

Esperem que logo chegará a vossa vez...

Peliteiro,   às  23:38



Ai os srs. drs. "could lose business..." ! Coitadinhos, vão ficar pobrezinhos!

Mister Magoo




Lá diz o velho ditado:

"não te rias do vizinho, que o teu mal já vem a caminho!"
# por Blogger renato gomes pereira : quinta-feira, novembro 03, 2005



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